Saturday, December 6, 2008

Masterpieces Football Contest Results

OK, I guess I got a little tired last night, and before I went to bed, I checked and there was only one guess. Now we all get to see how good or bad this pack is.

Let's tear in.

34 Franco Harris - The Immaculate Reception (Finaly, I get a card worthy of being in this set. Check out the video below. NFL Films did great stuff back then.)

50 Johnny Unitas (Part of me is remembering a "Growing Pains" sequence where Alan Thicke went on for a while to his family about how he roomed with "Johnny U" back in college. As it turned out, it wasn't Unitas, but Johnny Yu, a Chinese exchange student. Can anyone verify this memory?
This portrait of Johnny has its origins back before the 1974 NFL season, when the goalposts were moved from the goal line to the back of the end zone, and orange groves and fir trees were a part of the gridiron landscape.)

56 Kevin Smith (Ugh, first rookie, and the second time I got this card in as many packs. Bogus.)

36 Dexter Jackson (Although he shares a name with a veteran, this is the second rookie. It was awfully thoughtful of the artist Gillies to set up for a shoot in the hallway of an Imperial Star Destroyer. The only thing missing is one of those little toaster-sized courier droids zipping past with an important message between Dexter's feet.)

Looks like that's all she wrote, folks. Today's big winner was Aron, with whom I'll be in touch.

Oh, and in a bit of a coincidence, the artist of the Unitas and Smith cards is Ron Stark, a bit too close to punter extraordinaire and four-time Pro Bowler Rohn Stark. Perhaps it's a clever pen name.


dayf said...

Is Kevin Smith in every damn pack? I've got three of 'em and I saw him pulled in a pack rip on another blog. Who the hell is this guy??

Thorzul said...

Yes, Masterpieces is running a stealth one-per-pack Kevin Smith promo this year.

Aron said...

wooooo! Kevin Smith!