Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trade Me Anything! II Conclusion: Stealth Trade

Adam and Jessica from Missouri made me an offer I couldn't refuse. There's no better way to close the book on Trade Me Anything II than this.

Giving: 2008 Topps U&H #AS-KY Kevin Youkilis All-Star Stitches

Getting: Here's where it gets complicated. The Youkilis card was never part of the trading landscape proper, but that didn't mean it was off the table. My trading partners gave me a choice of game-used memorabilia cards, none of which really tickled my pickle. Then came the historic counter-offer. I'll show what they sent using a little holiday atmosphere.

What you're looking at are Famous Cover edition Marvel action figures of Daredevil and Doctor Doom. These puppies are fully poseable, eight inches tall, and have never been opened. Based on their size and the cloth nature of their costumes, I have no trouble calling these "dolls."

When you've got a Doctor Doom who could ride shotgun in Barbie's pink convertible, while at the same time wearing a satiny outfit that puts hers to shame, doll is no longer a four-letter word.

The backstory to this trade involves the woman in this relationship delivering an ultimatum to the man. Apparently, the woman told the man that he could continue only one of his hobbies. Thus, the man was faced with a choice: Getting rid of his cards or getting rid of his collectible toys. Obviously, the toys lost this battle, and now the woman has more room for her hobby. God, I hope for the man's sake the woman's hobby isn't collecting those faceless Willow Tree statuettes

A big shout out goes to the Bumble, who lent a toothless hand in showing off the goods.
And Adam and Jessica, thanks for waiting patiently, some extra Red Sox will be on their way soon!

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