Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trade Me Anything! II: Trade #16

No, Trade Me Anything is not over yet, it just got pushed aside for a few days. Actually, I think there's just one more to go and it goes into Operation Shutdown for the year. The penultimate trade comes from PunkRockPaint.

Giving: Nothing.
You'll see why below.

Getting: Three different Fleer Brewers team stickers, 2006 Upper Deck Ovation #18 J.J. Hardy, 1987 Topps #250 Teddy Higuera, 2008 Goudey #105 Ryan Braun

See, the reason PunkRockPaint isn't getting anything is because of supreme confidence. Check the note below...

Oh no he di-in'...OH NO HE DI-IN'!!!

Yeah, the gauntlet has pretty much been thrown down. He certainly has the right to such swagger, but only time will tell if this is hubris or if PRP is bold on the scale of say...a Patrick Stewart. Engage!

Actually, I'm a little frightened of what PunkRockPaint could produce with almost a year's worth of prep time. I have a feeling that we might get the chance to realize the complete potential of a fully operational Death Star. On the other hand, maybe next year's Halloween contest might have a certain theme that must be adhered to, and months of toil will all be for naught. Or maybe another Chosen One will emerge. In any case, the rest of you better get started.

*That Braun card is going right into my Brewers binder. Not everything goes there, just Brauns, Gallardos, and Princes I don't have, Brewers I pull from packs, inserts, parallels, and rookies. All the rest go into what has become a series of cardboard boxes.

*I already pulled the Hardy card. That's not too bad, though, since it came on the Crew's final day playoff clincher hobby pack rips.

*The Higuera arrived a couple years too late. Teddy was one of the last cards I needed to finish the set. I ripped open at least two full boxes of that stuff, plus everything I bought when I was younger, and I still never got that card. I ended up buying a team set and yanked Higuera out to complete the 792. So now I guess I have a full team set again, so that's a good thing actually.

Keep checking tonight for today's Card-vent Calendar.

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