Sunday, January 18, 2009

Card Show Report: Serb Hall

Last weekend I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to visit the more downmarket of the two regular card shows in Milwaukee. This one is held at Serb Hall, and I was pleasantly surprised after paying the seven-year-old girl who was manning the door my $1.00 admission. There were many more tables than previous shows, but the hall's ample space prevented the nuts-to-butts crowding that's common at the Gonzaga show.

Enough of that, let's see what I got...

1978 Topps #707 Paul Molitor et al...

Price: $12.00
I'm slowly knocking out the remaining cards I need for this set. After scanning the show and seeing several tables selling this card for more, I think I did okay with this.

2008 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH300 CC Sabathia Gold (0730/2008)

Price: $3.00
In a moment of brain fog, I couldn't remember if I already had this card or not. It turns out I did. Oh well.

1982 Topps 300-count boxes (2)

Price: $2.00 apiece
The same couple that sold me the Molitor had a huge stack of similar boxes containing lots of several different sets. Four bucks for what will probably amount to about half of the 1982 Topps set was a deal I couldn't pass up.

1959 Topps #384 Dave Sisler, #191 Russ Kemmerer, #385 Sherm Lollar, #506 Bob Purkey

Price $0.75 apiece
Each of these cards has something great about it. Dave Sisler takes us back to a time when ballplayers sometimes wore glasses. Russ Kemmerer has an interesting "-erer" name ending that makes me think about my dentist, Dr. Becherer. Bob Purkey on the Reglegs inspires a sudden hunger for turkey legs, and Sherm Lollar just saw his first airplane.

1966 Philadelphia #90 Willie Wood

Price: $0.50
I love doctored cards more than anyone else in the world. At some point in the last 40 years, some kid decided to make some cosmetic improvements to the image of this Hall-of-Famer, 8-time Pro Bowler, and 5-time champion. Without question, the find of the show.


dayf said...

Nice schtuff. The 600 '82 Topps cards for 4 bucks is sweet. Treasure Never Buried might take that copper off your hands, he's collecting the set.

Greg Olsen said...

That's an Alan Tramell RC buddy.