Sunday, January 25, 2009

Completion! (or Pretty Darn Close)

About a month ago, maybe more, maybe less, I held in my hand the one card that would take me a very long step closer to making my Robin Yount collection that much more complete. Fool that I was, I handed it back to the dealer. See, I had not thought to bring along my vast Yount database, and I was not 100% sure this card wasn't already in my collection. The first thing I did after coming home that day was check my 2005-2008 Yount three-ring binder. What I saw was an empty space, perfectly matching the void I felt in my soul.

I sweated out the next couple of weeks, until at last the Serb Hall show took place. There, I spoke to a man I seemed to recognize, a man with a permanent stink eye who slowly told me that he did not have the card I sought after, but he knew the man I needed to see. He happened to be a friend of this man's son, and he would be there at the Gonzaga show. But this was two more weeks away! There are only ten copies in existence of the card I needed! What to do?!?!

This morning I woke up in Green Bay, slightly unsure of my surroundings, and my mouth as dry as a desert zephyr. Could I arrange for transport to Milwaukee? More importantly, could I get there in time?

The race against the clock was won. I present...

2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Robin Yount 1982 Wins Gold Glove Award Blue #62 (10/10)

The card above was the final blue card I needed to close the book on a large portion of the 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes set. While not technically a master Yount set yet, it makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing presentation that I would love to share here.

First of all, we have the five base cards.

Next, I decided to group my set by color. Parts of the blue parallel set were the hardest to find, so I put those first. The plain were numbered to a maddeningly low 10 copies, the autos to 20, and the jerseys to 99.

The blue is finished up here, followed by red. Plain reds to 75, autos to 49, jerseys to 99.

From red we move into green. Plain greens to 199, autos to 99, jerseys to 99.

More green. Isn't it beautiful?

Because it looked so cool, I decided to put all of the header cards together. Each color available in the same proportions I've already described.

Moving on to the least complete part of the collection. I have managed to collect all of the bronze parallels, available only with jersey swatches and no other variations. The silver parallels have proven to be a tough nut to crack. I still need two more of these, numbered to 15 each. I'm not too put out about it, though, as I consider these a less essential part of the collection. Soon they will be the Inspector Gadget to my Dr. Claw.

I also possess a couple of 1/1 cards from this set, as well as a few gold jersey/auto combo cards numbered to 15. I'll get back to you when those are finished. Until then, I'm pretty pleased with how that chase has progressed.


dayf said...

Holy crap.

That's *sniff* beautiful, man....

RWH said...

As much as all the different colored parallels drive me crazy at times, that just looks awesome. When you can complete something like that, it really does end up being worth the effort. Congrats.

Mad Guru said...

That is really cool.