Monday, January 19, 2009

Five Dollar Group Break Conclusion: Brewers and Orphans

It's time to close the book on the Five Dollar Group Break. All of the packages have been sent off, so anybody who was a part of it should get their stuff in a few days, even you Canadians. Since I claimed the Brewers, that's what you'll get to see today, along with any cards that couldn't be easily assigned to any MLB team.

1982 Donruss #595 Randy Lerch
There are so many things to say about this card...the dirt 'satche, the Last name connection to the Addams Family, the desire expressed with his eyes to be sitting next to a cooler full of Keystone Light. But instead of those, I'll talk about the fact that this is a corrected error card. The first pressing of this set listed Lerch as a member of the Braves on the front ball logo. I know, fascinating.

2007 Bowman #BC41 Charlie Fermaint Chrome
I kind of doubt Charlie will ever don a Brewers major league jersey. He got to single-A Brevard County last year, but only batted .212. This winter he's playing in the Puerto Rican Winter League for Leones de Ponce. He's faring a little better there, batting .303 over his first 29 games. Maybe he'll blossom after all. Coincidentally, Brewer favorite Ricky Bones is the pitching coach for Ponce.

2006 Turkey Red #544 Chris Capuano, #431 Ben Sheets, #506 Rickie Weeks
This nice trio came out the blaster. I believe the Cappy is a short print.

And now for the no-team cards...

2007 Topps #JG110 Josh Gibson Home Run History 800+
I sold all of these that I got in 2007. This is the last card in the Gibson insert set.

1991 Topps Traded #72T Donnie Leshnock and #80T Dan Melendez
After Team USA, Leshnock got as far as a single game with the AA Albany-Colonie Yankees in 1993 before finisning up in the minors with High-A Tampa Yankees as a pitcher in 1995. Melendez worked his way up the Dodgers farm system, getting as close to the bigs as AAA Albuquerque in 1998.

1993-94 Fleer Excel #26 John Fritz
Pictured with the AA Midland Angels, John actually spent his last year in the Brewers' farm system with AAA New Orleans in 1995.

1988 Pucko/Liberatore #22 Mike Raczka
This is an Orioles minor league card. Mike eventually pitched in 8 games for the Oaklnad A's in 1992. Mike is also listed as having two MLB cards, one in the '93 Donruss set and one in 1993 Pinnacle. The thing on the front is the Governor's Cup trophy.

1987 Flower City Printing #18 Bryan Oelkers
Oelkers played 10 games for the Twins in 1983 and 35 games for the Indians in 1986. Isn't it kind of embarrassing to have a minor league card after you've already been in the majors?

1993 Topps Black Gold Winner Group C
The instructions on the back of this thing are confusing. Apparently this is not a redemption card. If anybody got one of these back in the day, and if I'm missing something about this, let me know. If anyones collects any of the players listed on this card, let me know, I'd be willing to trade it.

And that's it. One more card came that was so good that it will be saved for the 2009 Card-vent Calendar. Yes, it's that awesome.


Matt said...

The redemption cards inserted into packs looked like this, but had instructions for redemption on the back. When you sent the card in, this is what you got back. Odd, but I guess they thought they would send back what you gave them.

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