Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Five Dollar Group Break: Mets, Braves

Last two teams to show the goods, and I'll be sending these off Wednesday afternoon.

Team: Mets
Buyer: steveisjewish
Number of cards: 73
Best card: 2006 Upper Deck #AG-CB Carlos Beltran Amazing Greats (398/699)

Comments: I cannot explain the Mets explosion in this lot. Most are 1990s repacks, but there are still a few good guys in there. There's a David Wright crash landing...

...some Pedro "Juicy Curl" Matrinez inserts...

...and a chance to Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. Nice!

Team: Braves
Buyer: Captain Canuck
Number of cards: 27
Best card: 2005 Donruss #101 Nick Green AUTO

Comments: The Green represents the second half of the most loaded retail pack in existence. (The Mark Prior bat card was in the same pack.) To tell the truth, that sucker felt fat in my hands before I opened it, although I had nothing to compare it to from the same brand. This nice lot also had an Andruw Jones and its gold parallel...

...a nice Francoeur Heritage card...

...and Charlie Puleo reflecting on the sum total of his life choices following the premature 1988 cancellation of Sledge Hammer! after two brief seasons.

That's all there is, folks. I'll soon give everyone a look at the cards you missed out on. Nobody seemed to want the Giants, Rays, Pirates, and a handful of others. Plus there were some cards that failed to fit into any team category that I'm keeping for myself. Trust me...you're not missing much.

Or are you?


steveisjewish said...

Too Sweet! I've got a big booty coming my way... some cards too!

PunkRockPaint said...

Sledge Hammer! Is it available on DVD? It is probably better that I don't know. (Crap. I had too look. It is!)

I hope I never see it for sale... I will probably buy it.