Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Five Dollar Group Break: Padres, A's, Orioles, White Sox

Four more teams...
Please keep in mind that the "Best card" judgment is a subjective one. In a break like this, good cards to me are ones I don't have, though that may be different for all collectors.

Team: Padres
Buyer: Rod
Number of cards: 24
Best card: (?) 2007 Topps Opening Day #DS18 Adrian Gonzalez Diamond Stars insert

Comments: I don't know, Padres cards just don't do it for me. Although this 1985 Topps Bruce Bochy bears a certain charm. The mustache/yellow uni combo must have talked its way into many a Greater San Diego boudoir.

Team: A's
Buyer: tasteslikedirt
Number of cards: 21
Best card: 2006 Fleer Ultra #18 Rich Harden Gold Parallel

Comments: I seriously feel bad for tasteslikedirt. This is probably the worst bunch of cards out of the whole lot. Actually, I don't think there's a single guy that's currently an Oakland Athletic. Let's run down the list:
Rich Harden - Cubs
Lenny DiNardo - Royals
Chad Gaudin - Cubs
Tim Hudson - Braves
Joe Blanton - Phillies
Dan Haren - Diamondbacks
Milton Bradley - Cubs (As of a day ago. I guess they're aiming to lose in the NLDS in four games this season.)
Nick Swisher - Yankees
All of the other players are retired, most recently Jeremy Brown.
Oh, wait, there's Myron Leslie. He made it to AA last year.

Team: Orioles
Buyer: Kevin
Number of cards: 28
Best card: 2006 Topps Turkey Red #582 Cal Ripken, Jr.

Comments: This lot was rife with team cards, Upper Deck stickers, and a Jay Gibbons Trifecta.

Gibbons makes up for his overpopulation by making an appearance on a white-bordered Turkey Red parallel card.

Team: White Sox
Buyer: White Sox Cards
Number of cards: 41
Best Card: 1992 Topps Gold Winner Parallel #630 Carlton Fisk

Comments: Paul Konerko shows up on a weird 1990 Topps throwback card, and Fred Manrique shows off some nice Nanny-from-Muppet-Babies-type socks. I just hope there's something in here Steve doesn't already have.

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White Sox Cards said...

I believe I still need the Konerko throwback card and I think I need the gold winners card for the Fisk collection.