Monday, January 5, 2009

Five Dollar Group Break: Reds, Angels, Yankees

I'm feeling marginally better, so I'll try to squeeze a post out. For this group break, I'll be working from the bottom up, since I won't be doing any more previews. All of the packs have been opened and the cards have been sorted into teams. There will be no other rhyme or reason as to how many teams get posted each day or anything like that, but I won't be sending anything out until all of the pulls have been revealed. Let's get started.

Team: Reds
Buyer: dayf
Number of cards: 21
Best card: 1982 Topps #756 '81 Batting & Pitching Ldrs.

Comments: Reds cards were hard to come by in this lot. There's also a 2006 Turkey Red Tom Seaver that looks really cool.

A few Griffeys showed up, some Dunns, and the first half of day's Silly Headwear Combo, a 2007 UD First Edition David Weathers.

Team: Angels
Buyer: dayf
Number of cards: 55
Best card: 2007 Upper Deck First Edition #MS-VG Vladimir Guerrero Momentum Swing

Comments: The Angels were probably the second most abundant team in the lot. We'll see if the numbers back up that assertion later. Dayf also got a nice Tim Salmon red parallel from Turkey Red (which I believe is an SP; at least, the regular gray border version is), a 1985 Leaf Mike Witt (Wasn't it great when the design incorporated a great big leaf?)...

...and Luis Polonia in a silly hat. There were also some cool O-Pee-Chee cards from 1992 and 1985. Good stuff.

Team: Yankees
Buyer: packaddict
Number of cards: 48
Best card: Jeter/Bush/Mantle (Good God, I couldn't pull this one from packs last year, and now...)

Comments: This was probably one of the overall strongest lots available. Lots of A-Rods, Jeters, some Johnny Damons. I couldn't believe this was one of the last lots chosen. There's a 2006 Topps gold parallel #/2006 of Kyle Farnsworth, a Rodriguez Wal-Mart exclusive modeled after '59 Topps, and an '07 Derek Jeter Perfect 10 Fleer insert.

More teams to follow!


Aron said...

awesome, bring em on

dayf said...

Seaver and Vladdy, I can dig it. I have about 8000 of that Polonia card though.

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