Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Funniest Shit I Heard All Day

I am occasionally amazed by the gulf that can exist between my knowledge of a topic and that of my third grade students.
Today we were finishing up a math project where I had the kids constructing their own bar graphs using the Green Bay Packers' 2008 scores as the data. (Yeah, yeah, I know, a lot of short bars.)
This afternoon's work time gave me a chance to talk a little football with the kids. One boy claimed his favorite team was the Cowboys. Following this proclamation, the kid sitting next to him spouted off one of the most subtly insanely genius comments I have ever heard:

"The only reason the Cowboys always win is 'cause they got Dallas. He a fast runner."

Who can argue with that?

(Editor's Note: The 1989 Panini Sticker above was produced completely in-camera, with no hidden wires, CGI, or green screen technology.)

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Dubbs said...

Good stuff. I wish Dallas played for the Packers.