Saturday, January 10, 2009

Top 5 Pulls of 2008: #4

Today's pull is the only one this year that I no longer possess. Some quick thinking made me scan it before getting rid of it. Here we go.

Card: 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Albert Pujols Mini (No Number)

From: Target Blaster Box
Why I Love This Card: To be honest, this wasn't even in my top 100 cards pulled from packs this year, at least according to personal taste. It was one of those instances of what I'l coin here are "Parallel Universe Time," which is defined as "The obtainment of a trading card that reveals itself to be a parallel variation only after a considerable unfixed amount of time."
I'm sure it's happened to all of you: You open a large series of packs in a short amount of time, and some variation slips by undetected. Later, either while cataloguing or sorting or just having a second look, you realize that that's not just some ordinary base card.

In this case, the card is great because of its possibilities. As with most mini cards, I struggled with what to do with it. I haven't yet bit the bullet on some 15-card tobacco pages, but I soon shall. Most of the mini cards I own, especially the Brewers ones, are sitting in regulation size pages, sliding around like Weng Weng inside a casket build for André Roussimoff. (Fifty bonus points if you didn't have to look up either of those names to understand the reference.) So on to eBay it went. I figured there were a lot of Pujols collectors out there, and although the card wasn't numbered, all of the no-number variants were announced by Topps to be limited to 50 copies. In then end, I got enough for it to cover the cost of the blaster it came from. Result: Free box of cards.

Lesson: Look carefully at your cards. Sometimes they get caught in a parallel universe, masking something that makes them special.


night owl said...

I wrote about this very topic, and referenced the A&G no-number backs, too. How are collectors supposed to keep track of this tiny stuff?

dayf said...

Yay! I have fifty bonus points! If you want some 15-count pages but can't find any up near you let me know. My local shop sells 'em, I can pick you up a few.