Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Topps Sterling: The Chronicle of a Frugal Gentleman

What can you say about 2008 Topps Sterling? My first reaction was that I wanted no part of it. What part of "I won't pay $240 for a pack of cards" doesn't Topps understand? But then I got a look at the checklist and noticed that Robin Yount was going to be included. Still, I had no desire to empty the contents of my wallet (along with those belonging to about ten other people) for the mere chance that I might get my hero in this player-specific box. This qualifies as a problem.

Solution: Guys with more money than sense open up cases of this stuff, keep the packs from players who lived during or prior to the Great Depression, then try to salvage some of the overhead by selling unopened boxes where the player has been revealed. Thusly, for about a third of the price I would have paid for a "blind" box, I got one of the guy I wanted. God bless an open market economy!

Here's the box I received, nearly identical to one that would have cost at least three times as much, the only difference being the absence of both the shrink wrap and the "Mystery Pack" the cover hints at. Not a huge loss.

Open the cover to find lots of unnecessary matting and packaging. We can now clearly see that this is a Robin Yount box. To think...someone was disappointed by this and threw it to the floor like those women hired by Veruca Salt's father to open all those candy bars. Yes, this is my Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight.

With the second layer of shrink wrap removed, we get a look at the fancy white box. Sadly, this sucker has better hinges on it than the back door to my house. What's inside that could merit such craftsmanship. I'd better find the script to the final episode of LOST in there under the Yount cards.

Here's what lurked inside. The base cards for this set are really nice, although I'm a little put off by the choice to make them cream in color. There also exists a parallel set numbered to 50 in white. The white ones make the cream look like ass.
008 Topps Sterling #217 (RY1) (172/250)
2008 Topps Sterling #224 (RY8) (024/250), 2008 Topps Sterling #226 (RY10)(176/250), 2008 Topps Sterling #221 White (43/50)

At last, we get to the monstah Topps promised me. It's not a 1/1, but I certainly could have done a lot worse.
2008 Topps Sterling AUTO (2x Stripe, Bat, Blue) #4SSA-139 (RY30) (03/10)

The card pays homage to his 1982 All-Star appearance. I'm pretty sure Topps did not make a card honoring his 6 stolen bases in 1991, but I wouldn't put it past them. Don't be a dummy, don't pay retail for this.


dayf said...

Excellent stuff there and you got it by STICKIN IT TO THE MAN. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

William said...

Nice pull brosef. I remember buying a pack of 2001 Upper Deck Game-Used Bat Edition for $20 and my mom looked at me like she needed to start preparing for the day I need AA for a gambling addition. I've never paid that much for a pack since though. It's nuts that in 1993 [when I was 7] I could get a pack of Topps for 89 cents and expect good cards.