Friday, February 13, 2009

I Found This

This morning I decided to pull the post I published last night dealing with the obnoxious letter I received at work yesterday. On the absolutely infinitesimal off-chance that someone wielding disciplinary authority over me would read the post, I used my better judgment and yanked it. I'm also fairly stoked that only twenty percent of you think of me as an asshole. Now if I could only get that batting average to transfer over into my real life.

Marching onward...

The actual card content of the post, however, was awesome, so I'm reproducing the latter half of the post here. I will also share with you something I found today.

1992 Studio #BC-14 Kirby Puckett Heritage Series

This card is every kind of awesome. Multiple pats on the back go out to the sons of bitches down at Leaf for making this happen. The original Washington Senators became the Twins back in 1961, and while Kirby wasn't yet a member of the team, he looks flat-out awesome in this retro look. But we are not done...

1982 Fleer #637 Mike Schmidt 1981 Home Run King

Mike Schmidt with a beard rocks your face off. He's out there punching infants and shitting crucifixes and wiping his ass with Mother Teresa, and what are you doing? You're applauding, both for the fullness of his beard and shininess of his abundant hardware. Let's face it: Superstars build trophy cases. Mike Schmidt built trophy case cases.

In basketball news, I found this card in the teachers' parking lot at school today at approximately 11:45 am.

2008-2009 CPI Marquette #4 Patrick Hazel

Now I don't know what the parking lots of your places of work tend to produce, but this is a rare find indeed. I think I once found a Cracker Jack premium card of a Montreal Expo about five years ago, but it was nowhere near as dirty. As of right now, this guy is a bench player on a top-10 nationally ranked team. It would have been nice to get a Jerel McNeal from off the ground, maybe a Wes Matthews...heck, even a Dominic James would suffice. Still, when the tectonic plates shift and the earth spews forth its bounty, no one should be too picky.


Motherscratcher said...

Probably a good idea.

Motherscratcher said...

Can we still call you Mr Bam?

gcrl said...

i once found a 1978 topps cecil cooper by a hotel pool circa 1980. it had water damage but i took it in and tried to revive it. it died shortly thereafter.

dayf said...

You deleted it so we would forget to call you Mr. Bam.


I did forget how to actually pronounce your name though.




Thorzul said...

There's no shame in my game,
That's right, my name's Boehm.