Monday, February 2, 2009

More Gifts from Jack Plumstead

While I lack the time and the basic human decency to acknowledge every unsolicited batch of cards that arrives at my doorstep, I feel the need to share some of the best with you. At some point in 2008, these came from jackplumstead in the UK.

First of all, there was a Robin Yount card that wasn't particularly rare that I didn't already have. This never happens. Never. Ever. I'd like to take this opportunity to fully endorse jackplumstead as successor to President Obama in 2016 (that's right, 2016).
Oh, wait...I guess there's some rules prohibiting that. Just go ahead and knight the gentleman.

Manny Parra looks good in chrome. I'm predicting he'll come in second in victories for the 2009 Brewers as part of a rapidly depleting staff. Don't look for a repeat of 2008 unless the club manages to hit 400 home runs.

Claudio Vargas signed this card celebrating his first win as a Brewer then slowly backed out of the room.

And Paul Mitchell's hair looks good, full of the product that bears his name.

Many thanks!


dayf said...

Jack Plumstead is a Righteous Dude.

Dubbs said...

Oh, ye of little faith.

It won't be as easy for the Crew this year, but we must always have hope. You're sounding like a Cubs fan, predicting a less successful follow-up campaign before the season even starts.

That's right, a Cubs fan. I said it.