Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trade Me Your Brewers (Tape Delay)

For the past year or so, my brother has been criss-crossing the country as part of his job for Project VoteSmart, a non-partisan voter education organization. As a result, he missed out on a good portion of the contests and promotions I've been holding here at Thorzul Will Rule. The other day he stopped by bearing gifts. Let's take a look, shall we?

2007-08 Fleer #RS-7 Corey Brewer Rookie Sensations
Rats! Foiled by a technicality. I guess I should have been more specific. Should I ever decide to do a Trade Me Your Packers contest, I will need to make sure the rules prohibit the sending of a Billy Packer card. Although it would be cool to get a card of Welsh rugby player Harry Packer. Nice name. And who can say for sure that Alferd Packer won't show up on an Allen & Ginter card in the near future? Cannibalism is one subject they haven't touched yet.

2001 Sage #A6 Jamison Brewer AUTO (71/600)
This one's an autograph, but it's one that can be replicated with a standard U.S. layout QWERTY keyboard. Look: J---i--- B------ Exactly the same, right? (Oh, I guess you can't see too well because of the sticker.)
After a couple of years in the NBA, Brewer was last spotted with Bakersfield Jam. They might not be much of an NBADL power, but damn if their jelly isn't delicious! I can hear it now: "Brewer, get your ass back over to preserves!"

Some real Brewers are next, a quartet of '80s autographed cards.
1987 Topps #622 Glenn Braggs

1987 Topps #216 B.J. Surhoff

1986 Topps Traded #106T Dale Sveum

1987 Topps #547 Rob Deer

Each of these is awesome in its own way. Braggs was one of the last guys in MLB to wear an actual pair of regular glasses while playing, but I don't think that started until he was with the Reds. As for Surhoff, I seem to remember a game in the late 1980s where Surhoff either executed a suicide squeeze or was the player who stole home to win the game. However, I can't seem to find the stats to prove it. Dale Sveum has a really nice signature and seems to recognize the fact that a manuscript "S" looks way better than a cursive "S". And Rob Deer obliterated his quintessential Brewers card. It has been very thoughtful of him to stop at Sherwin-Williams before making a signing appearance.

I've always wondered what he did to earn that Band-Aid on his right middle finger.

A big thanks goes out to Tony Brown.


Mad Guru said...

My favorite thing about Surhoff is he is one of only two baseball players (the other being Dave Lemonds) to have their numbers retired by the University of North Carolina.

Sixtofan said...

Your Surhoff memory is correct. It was a two out bases loaded bottom of the ninth - walk off suicide squeeze. Not something you see very often!

night owl said...

That Rob Deer autograph is beyond awesome.

Thorzul said...

Sixtofan, can you direct me to a box score or some other proof of this game online somewhere?

Tony Brown said...
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Tony Brown said...

Don't forget the Capuano All-Star jersey card.
How many points did I get?