Friday, March 27, 2009

Boyz II Men OOP DVD (BBD... The East Coast Family)

As I promised earlier in the day, I would reveal the rights and wrongs of the OOP DVD contest held earlier this week. Our winner was Matt from Yount Vs. Molitor. Apparently a custody battle broke out some time around 1996 regarding the visitation rights of one B.J. Surhoff, and it's taken this long to get the paperwork all the way to the Supreme Court. (My outlook: Expect willy-nilly David Souter to cast the deciding vote. Which way will the wind blow that day?) Seriously, though, give the blog a look. He's a new guy on the scene and he's started out with a very Brewers-centric perspective. I think you all know my dog in that fight, if youre going strictly according to title. Yount would coat his Louisville Slugger with Molly's gray matter.

Here's what Matt got correct:
Ichi the Killer
Jackie Brown
King Arthur
King Kong
(Great bit of logical reasoning to pull that one out of nowhere!)
Kung Fu Hustle
Moulin Rouge
Near Dark
Once Upon a Time in America
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Pulp Fiction
Punch Drunk Love

That's the 13 that earned him the win. If you couldn't tell, these represented part of the "oddball cases" section of my collection. Lots of people guessed Memento and Little Shop of Horrors, the former of which I do own, and the latter of which I wouldn't be caught dead with.

Here's what everybody missed:
Slot 5: Kinsey
Slot 7: Land of the Dead (That was a tough one, impossible to see any part of the title.)
Slot 8: Lilya 4 Ever
Slot 9: Lord of War (So-so movie, but an amazing opening sequence tracing the steps of a bullet from being manufactured to actual use.)
Slot 10: Magnolia
Slot 11: Masters of Horror: Family (This one tripped a lot of people up. Check it out. George Wendt's in it!)
Slot 13: My Wife is a Gangster (Unknown Korean action/comedy. I'd be surprised if anyone ever heard of this film.)
And then after Punch Drunk Love, there's a little bit of Saw and Saw II showing, plus perhaps a micron of what turns out to be Sacrface.

So this is supposed to be a card blog, right? Okay, I relent, here's some cards for you. I got a bunch of '70s and early-'80s cards this week, and here are a few.

1971 Topps #42 Boots Day (I'm using (some would say abusing) my authority to declare it Boots Day Day. I'll keep you posted about the date.)

1980 Topps #326 Bo McLaughlin (Bo was actually the forerunner of the "Bo Knows" commercials. Filming stopped shortly after the "Bo knows perms" spot aired.)

1980 Topps #470 Bob Boone (Bob was caught rockin' not one, but two Superman S-curls. The second one removes the vulnerability of Kryptonite everywhere on Boone except the wiener.)

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