Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cheap Group Break: NL Central

Don't worry, folks, I haven't forgotten about the cheapie group break. Sorting the lot into teams took the better part of a week, but now it's done, and the team lots will start going out this week. We'll go division by division, and I'll show at least one interesting card from each team. I'll try not to duplicate any sets when showing these off. We'll start with the toughest division (at least on the basis that you have to beat five teams to win it, not the usual four, and definitely not the wimpy three in the AL West). Yes, it's the NL Central, where if you suck enough, you can finish sixth.

Team: Cardinals
Buyer: madding
Card: 2005 Leather & Lumber #145 Lou Brock

Thoughts: The Cardinals were probably one of the best teams to pick this time around. Lots of Pujols, a bunch of capital-L Legends (guys that were born at or before the turn of the century type of Legends), just an overall good mix of Cards cards. There weren't a lot of Leather & Lumber cards here, but I had to show the speedster, Brock.

Team: Pirates
Buyer: Billy Suter
Card: 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones #108 Freddy Sanchez 102 Hits (021/150)

Thoughts: A Pirates fan would be happy with this lot. There were tons of Moments & Milestones in the overall 2,000-card lot. I think just about every team got at least two or three. The concept of the set is ridiculous and something I would never pay for, but if a couple fall into your lap like this, why not?

Team: Cubs
Buyer: Greg
Card: 2003 Fleer Sammy Sosa Paper Doll (Not sure of the official name.)

Thoughts: I was very tempted to assemble this card myself, as it was the only one that popped up in the lot. I can see the tagline for it now: "Kids! Put him together, stand him up, and he can pretend not to understand English, just like the real Sammy!"

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Nice! I was just thinking about this group break today.