Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cheap Group Break: The Return

The first one was such a success that I've decided to host another cheapie group break. Very recently I acquired a lot of cards that could only be sold by the pound. I honestly have no idea what might be inside, since all I was told was that they were from the years 2009 and earlier. That encompasses the entirety of the baseball card timeline, so it could be anything.

In today's challenging economic times, I'm thrilled that so many collectors are willing to participate in something like this. As long as you keep reading and taking part, I'm happy to host. Let's crack open this 13-pound monster, shall we?

If you want in on the group break, post your preferred team in the comments, and then send $5.25 through PayPal to

Why $5.25? Well, last time I forgot about the taste that PayPal likes to take. All I'm trying to recoup is the shipping costs and the cost of the lot. Sorry to jack it up this time, but it's a case of "Gubmint sure do take a bite, don't she?" (That one's for motherscratcher.)

I'll update the slots as soon as payments are made. Hopefully we can find someone for all 30 teams. Multi-team cards will be dealt with the the same upper-left fashion as last time.

NL Central
Brewers: Thorzul
Cardinals: madding (paid)
Pirates: Billy Suter (paid)
Cubs: Greg (paid)

NL East
Braves: dayf (paid)
Phillies: capewood (paid)
Nationals/Expos: Zpop (paid)

NL West:
Dodgers: night owl (paid)
Padres: Rod (paid)

AL Cental
Twins: Matt F. (paid)
Indians: Tribe Cards (paid)
White Sox:
Tigers: thesewingmachineguy (paid)

AL East
Red Sox: AdamE (paid)
Orioles: Kevin (paid)
Blue Jays:

AL West
A's: Jacob (paid)
Angels: RWH (paid)


Rod said...

Bill, I will take the Padres.

madding said...

I'll take the Cardinals. Funds are on the way.

night owl said...

I'll take the Dodgers. I'll send payment late tonight, if that's OK.

Matt F. said...

I'll take the Twins this time...sending payment.

Thanks for doing this again!

RWH said...

I'm in for the Angels. Sending payment now.

Greg said...

I'll take the Cubs. You'll have paypal momentarily.

the sewingmachineguy said...

My $5.25 is on the way. Detroit Tigers please.

Kevin said...

Ah, what the hay. Put me in for the Orioles once more.

AdamE said...

I'm in for Red Sox.

AdamE said...

I'm in for Red Sox.

capewood said...

Payment for the Phillies on the way.

night owl said...

Payment sent.

Zpop said...

I'd like the Nationals/Expos again.

Billy Suter said...

I'll take the Pirates. The check's in the mail.