Thursday, March 12, 2009

Completion! 1985 Topps

Being a set collector gives one the chance to achieve at least some degree of completion. Today, I acquired the final card I needed for my 1985 Topps baseball set.
1985 Topps #181 Roger Clemens

The odd thing about this: One the one hand, the front of this card is etched in my memory, having seen it hundreds of different times. On the other hand, the back is completely foreign to me. Never having been a big Clemens fan, I was not aware that he "refused basketball offers from the Seattle Supersonics & Boston Celtics to sign with (the) Red Sox."

It's fun to think about the Rocket having a spot on that loaded 1986 Celtics roster.


I'll leave it up to PunkRockPaint to do this one...a Clemens-as-a-Celtic card. Oh yes, it can be done.

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PunkRockPaint said...

No pressure... Thanks.