Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Curse of Colonel Sanders is Over

I'd like to share a bit of news with you that you may not have heard. It has nothing to do with exclusivity licenses or unannounced parallels. Rather, the story has more to do with stick-to-your-ribs flavor than on-sticker autographs.

Transport yourself back to 1985, Osaka, Japan. The Hanshin Tigers have just won the Japan Series for the first and only time in the team's history. In an act of mass exuberation, fans of the Tigers lined the local Dotonbori canal and called out the name of each player on the team. With each new name, one fan who bore some resemblance to the player would jump into the river. When the name of the team hero, Randy Bass, American, and winner of the first of his two consecutive triple crown titles, was called, no one celebrating looked very much like him. In the fans' haste, a Colonel Sanders statue that sat outside a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was appropriated, carried back to the canal, and tossed in with a tremendous splash.

Fast forward twenty four years. The Hanshin Tigers have not won the Japan Series since 1985. "The Curse of Colonel Sanders" has been blamed for more than two decades of failure. Construction has begun on a walkway along the Dotonbori canal, and a worker has found something unusual. This past Tuesday, a statue of Colonel Sanders, minus his lower half, hands, and glasss, was discovered.

Not long after the original find, the Colonel's legs and right hand were also found. Many fans are taking this as an omen foretelling a memorable season for the Tigers.

Let us celebrate Randy Bass.
1982 Topps #307 Randy Bass

You can read the official report of this amazing story here.
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Thanks to Lindsay for bringing this story to my attention.


Wrigley Wax said...

The Chicago Sun Times has an article today saying that KFC is trying to bring the statue to Wrigley on opening day to help lift any curses on the Cubs.


Matt F. said...

What do you think are the mathematical odds that we would both post Randy Bass cards within three hours of each other?

Thorzul said...

That is odd. I think he looks slightly more like Colonel Sanders on your card than on mine (and by that I mean just a little more than not at all).

PunkRockPaint said...

That Bass card looks a lot like the 1982 Topps Tony Gwynn card...