Friday, March 6, 2009

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #22 (Grand Finale)

1989 Topps #425 "Goose" Gossage

Unequivocally Dr. Steve's greatest masterpiece, this Goose Gossage card will be making its first ever world tour this summer. Stops are scheduled for New York, London, Kuala Lumpur, Cairo, and Melbourne, before making its final stop in Milwaukee, where it will be going up for auction.
The bidding shall begin at 1.5 million dollars.


White Sox Cards said...

Too rich for my blood, but simply awesome, nonetheless.

gritz76 said...

I'd love to see what that would fetch on eBay, a true 1/1

dayf said...

Holy Crap.

The Birth of Venus
Mona Lisa
Girl with a Pearl Earring
Starry Night

and now... Goose Gossage.

1.5 million won't even come close to covering the auction house fee.

dinged corners said...

Masterpiece indeed. It should be guarded.