Thursday, March 26, 2009

Group Break: NL East

The home of the 2008 World Champions is our next stop. That's right, the NL Central, home to four MLB teams and one member trying to shrug off its AAA Junior Camper status. Let's see what turned up.

Team: Braves
Buyer: dayf
Cards: 2003 Donruss #240 Chipper Jones, 2004 Upper Deck #289 Marcus Giles

Thoughts: I've decided to forego showing any of the more valuable and/or hard-to-find cards in this lot (dayf can find those for himself) in favor of some base cards with awesome action shots. I'm sure dayf has these two already, but they are too cool to pass up. Giles is well on his way to floating to first base in order to catch his own throw and complete the world's first 6-4-4 double play.
On the Chipper card, Donruss has captured the exact split-second where Brad Ausmus realized he was going to get his Shit. Fucked. Up.

Team: Phillies
Buyer: capewood
Card: 2003 Topps Gallery #69 Jim Bunning Refractor

Thoughts: The Phillies were probably one of the top three teams to have picked from the monster lot.. Heading the list is this Jim Bunning, a man Time magazine has called one of "America's Five Worst Senators." Oh well, at least it's a cool card. These Gallery refractors are pretty tough to find, with only a handful popping up on eBay.

Team: Nationals/Expos
Buyer: Zpop
Cards: 2008 Upper Deck #326 Justin Maxwell (RC), 1993 Fleer Ultra All-Star #8 Larry Walker

Thoughts: The Walker card is my favorite throwback to the Expos in the lot. The ghosting effect kind of makes it look like the image it etched in stone, like on a caveman's wall or something. And the Maxwell card...what can you say about that? I am having a hard time figuring out just exactly where this game is being played. There's a shit ton of sand behind the plate, and there are dudes in hard hats and reflective vests standing around, a couple of whom is even snapping a picture. Then logic kicked in and I stopped thinking a game of beach baseball (a trial sport to be played in the 2016 Olympic games) was taking place and started thinking it might be some sort of ceremonial exercise happening at the new Nationals Park. Verification, anyone?


dayf said...

I got the Chipper, but I don't recall levitating Mahcus.

That Nats photo is indeed from the construction phase of their new stadium.

rakeback said...

I think Chipper Jones is one of the most underrated players in baseball over the past 20 years. He has been very consistent and won MVP's, batting titles, and gold gloves.