Saturday, March 28, 2009

Group Break: NL West

Up next is the NL West, which is actually the division whose most recent World Series championship is the farthest in the past (2001, Arizona). Will it be their year? Time will tell.

Only two teams were claimed this time around. Let's see some of what they got.

Team: Dodgers
Buyer: night owl
Cards: 1993 Score Select Traded #111T Cory Snyder, 2006 Sweet Spot Update #16 Greg Maddux, 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH18 Mark Hendrickson

Thoughts: There was a TON of Score Select Traded in the lot, so everybody's getting some. I liked this Snyder card because of the fans in the background. My three favorites are the scared guy right next to Cory's number, the guy on the left wearing the thugged-out Looney Tunes b-ball shirt, and of course the arm attached to the guy foolish enough to think his A's hat is any match for Cory's Rawlings. The Hendrickson made me think of all of those Devil Rays cards with the Dagobah background. I wondered how Mark managed to have his picture taken in the same foggy locale until I flipped over the card and realized that he was part of that same squad. Sorry you lost Artax in the Swamps of Sadness, Mark. At least Topps did a really nice airbrush job on your uniform.

Team: Padres
Buyer: Rod
Cards: 2008 Upper Deck #369 Jake Peavy Checklist, 2005 Upper Deck Reflections #78 Mark Loretta




Oh, and I chose Loretta because he was once a Brewer.


Matt F. said...

Hey Thorzul,

where did you find the "cards by the pound"? Was it an ebay auction or from a card site?

night owl said...

Well, I need two of them. And as Meatloaf said, "Don't be sad ..."

William said...

How could you leave out the guy in the tie and straw hat with the huge sunglasses? He's the highlight of the card.

Thorzul said...

These cards came from eBay.