Saturday, March 21, 2009

Huck Feritage Replacement Therapy: 2005 Donruss Champions Hobby Box

Having lived in my not-so-new house for about a year now, I find myself, on occasion, receiving mail that was intended for one of several previous owners. These mailings, usually bulk and junk in nature, often have the tendency to reveal the essence of the intended recipients. One woman, for instance, is periodically having these strange catalogs that sell items like no parking signs, police tape, and traffic cones of all colors and sizes. I'm guessing she was in one type of other of law enforcement, but maybe she just had a thing for cyclone fences.

I'm telling you all of this because I think I received a box of cards that was originally intended for one of the other card bloggers out there. Let's see if you can guess who it was.

In an earlier post, Huck Feritage, I declared that I would be buying no 2009 Topps Heritage boxes or packs this year. So far, I've stuck to that promise. (I'm actually sticking to a lot of promises lately. With it being Lent now, I've given up soda, and haven't had any for nearly a month.) I figured that two hobby boxes (last years allotment) would have set me back about $160 at pre-sell prices. I wrote that I would do my best to spend that money on something that would bring me more joy than the Heritage would have, and I would document these purchases and present them to you. Here's my first purchase.

2005 Donruss Champions Hobby Box
Price: $64.49
Balance: $95.51

I selected this box for two reasons. First, eight hits per box, and a good amount of cards per each of the 24 packs. I like to spread out my hobby box opening over at least two days.
Second, I like sets with cards of retired payers. This one had them sprinkled liberally, like marshmallows in Lucky Charms.

Here's what I got.
Red Impressions Parallels (#/250): 3
Blue Impressions Parallels (#/100): 2
Gold Impressions Parallels (#/50): 1 (Mike Piazza)
Regular Impressions Parallels: 12

When I got to the jersey cards is when things started to get weird. Let's get the four out of the way that do not support my thesis that I got someone else's box.
Andres Galaraga Jersey, Magglio Ordonez Bat, Russel Branyan Jersey, Jason Varitek Bat

Those were, I believe, four out of the first five jersey cards I pulled. Then this happened, in succession.
#39 Brian Jordan Jersey

Recollection Collection Autograph of Bubba Nelson's 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings #192 (118/147)

#217 Greg Maddux Jersey (At this point, I started to say to myself, "Are you kidding me?" It was in a disbelieving way, not a bad way.)

My final card left me in a state of disbelief. #167 Kenny Lofton Bat

To top it all off, two of the regular Impressions cards were Braves: Andres Galaraga and Anthony Lerew (of whom I have no recollection).

Overall, it was a pretty fun box to open. The set includes multiple cards of some players, often depicting the same player for different teams. At times is becomes ridiculous, though. While I can stomach two different Brooks Robinson cards in slightly different poses and identical card backs (except for the numbers, 93-94)...

...I have difficulty stomaching the same from Orlando Hudson. His are actually three in a row, of which I have #74 and #76.

And was the public really clamoring for five different Roger Cedeno cards? Here are four out of the five, #413, 414, 415, and 417. Looks like I'm only missing the Astros one.

Let me close by apologizing to the blogger whose box I errantly received. Never before have I seen such a team-loaded box as this one. Has this ever happened to anybody else?


bozemanbreaker said...

I'm interested in the blue and gold
impression parallels, willing to buy. LMK what you need if they are available.

Slette said...

Not sure if you have any ShopKos in Mil-town, but I bought two boxes of 2005 Topps Total for $10 a piece at the ones in La Crosse. That could get a little more bang for your Huck Feritage buck.

dayf said...

Great googely moogely, you weren't kidding. Don't worry though, that wasn't my box you opened. I hate this set. This is exhibit A in Donruss' horrible 'design for the relic and not the card' philosophy. Half the card is completely empty! Put a logo or a baseball or the Philly Phanatic or SOMETHIN over there on the right side of the card. Every time I see one of these I get an urge to whip out the scissors and cut the entire right side of the card off and create my own custom mini set.

To further weird you out though, not only did you get the 4 Braves pulls, but Galarraga is still very popular in Atlanta for his couple years with the Braves, Branyan was in the Braves' minors for a couple months and Varitek is a Georgia Tech alum. That's a pretty Atlanta-centric box.

madding said...

Roger Cedeno? Seriously?

Chris D'Orso said...

Any chance any of those parallels are Keith Hernandez, #258? I still need the Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange parallels.