Monday, March 2, 2009

Huck Feritage

I'm sitting this one out this year. In no way is this an attempt to get others to do the same, but I'm not buying ANY 2009 Topps Heritage. Let me tell you why...

First of all, when I got back into card collecting in early 2007, the set that thrust a razor-fingertipped hand into my chest, grabbed my spinal cord from the ventral side of my body, and pulled me into wonderful oblivion, was '07 Heritage. I collected the shit out of that set, eventually completing the whole thing, along with a full set of the chrome parallels as well.

When 2008 Heritage came along, it just wasn't as fun. My experience may have been tainted by the long wait I had to experience because of a shit-ass dealer who couldn't cope with the demands put upon him by (GASP!) paying customers. I still don't have a full set, and it's not a top priority right now. The set has become a chore to complete, which is antithetical to the fun that a hobby should bring. I need another chore like I need a dozen extra under-disciplined children in my classroom.

I'm not so put off by the B.S. gimmick "Thom and Jerry" cards (my phrase), but it's not something that does anything to encourage me to change my mind.

It hurts me to do this, but I'm going to have to break up with Topps Heritage. The set has tried to spin it as a "trial separation" when it talks to its friends on the phone, but it's clear to anyone who can see that this is a full-blown divorce. Don't get me wrong, the set looks really, really cool. I'm just of the opinion that this was the year the set should have been shut down. Topps is entering dangerous territory when entering the 1960s. We're no longer in the era of dad coming home to his dinner cooked by his stay-at-home wife. We're headed towards naked hippies smoking dope and not listening to anyone over thirty. Before we know it, Topps Heritage will be in the form of 1988 Topps. And not too long after that, we're getting into territory where the retro Topps set will actually have included parallels (1992 Topps Gold). What happens then? Will there be parallels of parallels? Will a standard Topps Heritage set fit inside of a standard Rubbermaid container?

I've gone on way too long. It's a good product, but I'm done for this year. Instead, I'm going to take my $160 (what I would have paid for two boxes, like I did last year) and spend it on a bunch of stuff I otherwise would not have gotten for myself. This will make me a happier individual, and one who is less incomplete. I'll do my best to update you on what I'm replacing my Heritage with. This should be loads of fun.


White Sox Cards said...

Good for you. Break the addiction!

I still haven't completed my 2008 set and I only plan on collecting the White Sox cards out of 2009 Heritage.

dayf said...

Good for you. A man has to know his limitations.

I however, will be buying the sheeat out of this set and my geriatric ass will gleefully spend his social security check (ha!) on packs of 2044 Topps Heritage with the Spectrovision Cyberstat parallels.

(extra added insanity: I have never completed even ONE Heritage set. Not even Bowman. I keep buying it though)

gritz76 said...

Just wait till 2011 when they do the '62 set. They will have their way with the green tinted variations along with all of the double poses.

bailorg said...

Well, if the hobby still exists in 2036, 1988 Topps may actually be seem retro, but don't worry, 1990 Topps will still be ugly as sin in 2038, but I'm sure we''ll still have "fun" bitching about the unannounced no-name-on-front variation.

Mad Guru said...

Or maybe some company in the future will do a Heritage of the 1989 Fleer with assorted variations of the Billy Ripken variations

Motherscratcher said...

The law of diminishing returns in action.

Bluesky said...

You may want to pick up some of the 2009 Heritage.
The base cards look great! The 1960design is excellent.