Monday, March 9, 2009

March Card Show Report: Part II

OK, I hinted yesterday that I had some really great stuff to show.

I lied.

I'm saving the best for last. Instead, let's move on to another dealer's table. Here, I spent about fifteen minutes digging through the guy's quarter box hoping for some goodies. Here's what I came up with, all for two bucks.

A 1992 Topps Stadium Club Wade Boggs. Never have I seen so many dudes on a card that is not a team photo card. Can anybody top this one?

A 1974 Topps Graig Nettles and '73 World Series Game #7. Good seventies stuff, easily worth the quarter.

1970 Topps Bob Watson. With both hands ready like that, he looks prepared to catch a medicine ball, not a baseball.

A bunch of 1982 Topps stars. The two lots I bought at the last show turned out to be free of any good cards, so I'm piecing this set together the old-fashioned way. Out of Baines, Smith, Whitaker, and Foster, I'm having a hard time picking which card I like best.

The lot is rounded out by a local favorite, half of the 1974 NFL Scoring Leaders #4 Chester Marcol.

If you don't know about Chester, read the commemorative poster below.

And if you haven't ever gotten a chance to see the play described, find it somewhere. Marcol racing to the end zone with the ball pinned between his hand and his helmet is one of the funniest sights in NFL history. Chester's life since football, however, hasn't been as funny. A few years ago the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel ran a story about his recent life, one spent recovering from depression and alcohol and drug abuse. He even tried to kill himself by drinking battery acid, which only succeeded in doing quite a number on his esophagus. I would prefer to think of him like this:

That's eleven cards, $0.25 apiece, and 11 x $0.25 = $2.00. Wait! No it doesn't! But that's what you go to card shows for: The deals.

Coming Soon: Part III of this epic adventure!


Mad Guru said...

I like the photo with Marcol and Lynn Dickey. I always thought that Lynn Dickey was far, far cooler than his name.

William said...

Wow, I never knew that about Chester Marcol. I remember rooting through my parent's football card collections from their childhood [that's right, both my mom and dad collected sports cards in the '60s/'70s] and thinking to myself "who is Chester Marcol?"