Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simpsons + Baseball Cards = Cool

I got word recently that there's a website called Baseballboss.com that is beginning an event tomorrow in which several Simpsons-inspired online baseball cards will be produced and available for collecting. Here's part of the pitch:

"Registered Baseball Boss players can challenge a team called the “Springfield Nukes” throughout the month of April. Each time Baseball Boss players defeat the Nukes in a series, they’ll win one of the special cards from the mini-set for their own online card collections.  At the end of April, Baseball Boss players who’ve collected all 14 cards (9 professional players plus 5 cards of the game developers) will earn a free pack of 2008 Spire cards from Baseball Boss. Plus players will get to keep the spoof cards they’ve earned for their Baseball Boss card collection."

Sounds fun. I know I'm looking forward to the Ozzie Smith and Ken Griffey, Jr. cards the most. I've got my fingers crossed that the Oz card includes a camera and Einstein's theory of relativity equation. Here's a sneak peek at a couple of the first cards in the series.

Thank goodness, no "sideburns" visible on the Mattingly card.

Check it out tomorrow, looks like it'll be a hoot! Best of all, it's free!


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