Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks to the Thorzul Will Rule Groupies

It's time to give some long overdue thanks to some people who have bestowed gifts upon Thorzul over the last few months.

The first of the three wise men is Dr. Steve, yes, that Dr. Steve, who also happened to be one of the guests at my wedding last November. Enclosed in the wedding card (among other things) was one of the last cards I needed at the time for the completion of my 1985 Topps set. Here it is:
1985 Topps #570 Darryl Strawberry

That's a nice card, and one of the few that was unmistakably groom-centric. Not a lot of that went on, what with all of the pots and pans and such. At this moment, I'm only the Roger Clemens short of the full set. I'm willing to listen to any trade offers.

Up next was part of a Christmas Present from Big Dunc.
2006 Topps All-Star Stitches #AS-CFC Chris Capuano Yellow Workout Jersey

Others may hate these, but I certainly like the swatches taken from oddball jerseys. In a way, I helped make this card possible by casting many votes for the 2006 All-Star Final Vote. Capuano placed second behind Nomar, but was given a roster spot for the injured Tom Glavine.

Last we have the coolest thing in my home. Prior to out wedding, my lovely wife and I planned on giving each other gifts. These were exchanged at the rehearsal dinner. I finally got around to hanging it this weekend. Now bow your heads and pretend to be serious.

Here's Robin getting ready to sign it. I hope he berated whoever so cavalierly decided to drape the jersey over a chair like that. And part of me wants to think he had a hand in the whole framing process as well.

Big thanks to everyone!

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