Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thanks...to Somebody

A week or two ago I received a package from one of my usual trading partners. It was modest in size, but made up for it in heart, just like Ma-Ti from Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

The problem is, I hastily disposed of the packing materials, and now I have no idea whom to thank. Speak up if you sent me the following cards.

The most desirable of the lot was this Prince Fielder jersey card.
2008 Goudey #M-PF Prince Fielder Game-Used Gray

Very nice card, although I'm disturbed by the overabundance of eyeliner worn by the Brewers' first baseman. Perhaps he landed a role in some sort of community kabuki theatre. Hopefully he's playing a landowner.

The other card I'm choosing to show here is one of Corey "Swing at Every Fucking Pitch" Hart.
2009 Topps Turkey Red #TR39 Corey Hart

As one of only two Brewers represented by this insert, I'm grateful, but a little disappointed. There's no Prince, no Braun, no Sabathia. Cool-looking card, but I wish it was of someone else.

And speaking of someone else, here's a card I pulled out of one of the few packs I bought this year.
2009 Topps Turkey Red #TR49 Ben Sheets

I hope Ben Sheets is a fan of Edward Everett Hale, for he is currently a man without a country. Word has it he's between insurance plans and wants the Brewers to pay for his elbow surgery. If successful, he also plans on sticking the club with the bill for six months worth of Claratin, a trial-size pack of Prilosec, sixty minutes with a Haitian witch doctor, more stool softener than is safe for any one human, and a controversial penile reshafting process that reportedly hurts as bad as it sounds.

Thanks, (insert name here)!


White Sox Cards said...

I confess! It was not me.

Dubbs said...

If Corey is going to remain unloved in your box of cards, I'm sure he'd love to sleep every night in my current brewers binder...let's make a deal.

Motherscratcher said...

If no one speaks up in 3-4 days, I'll gladly take the credit.

Greg said...

It was me. Glad you enjoyed the Prince card... as a Cubs fan, seeing him makes me uneasy.