Saturday, April 18, 2009

1995 Fleer: An Androgynous Card?

What are you, 1995 Fleer, with those crazy stats and that crazy action on the front of you? Is it the front? The back?
It makes me want to break into song, David Bowie-style...

It's a god-awful small affair
To the brand that came out with Flair
But I have to say I don't know
If this product is ready to go

But the number's nowhere to be seen
And Delgado, he stands six three
And it tells me just how he threw
Everything except where he's been

But the back is a saddening bore
For he's homered ten times or more
I can't tell if he has five tools
So we all try to pin it on...

Dealers fighting at the card show
Oh man! Look at those collectors go
It's the freakiest show

Take a look at the front side
Telling you true facts
Oh man! Wonder if we'll ever know
That he's from Puerto Rico
Is there gender in cards?


Steve said...

Great Bowie song . . . the 1995 Fleer has much to applaud as well but . . . "Life on Mars" takes more! Nice post and lyrics !

Chris Harris said...

I fitting tribute to the worst designed card set ever.