Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Doctored Card (Not By Dr. Steve)

In one of the large lots of cards I've purchased recently, there was a pretty large stack of 1981 Fleer. I finally got around to sorting it the other day, and I ran across some aftermarket modification that had been done by a previous owner.

First of all, let's take a look at this beauty.
1981 Fleer #653 Willie Wilson: Most Hits-Most Runs

I'd be laughing, too, if I was the league leader in those two categories. I suppose it helped that Willie was such a prolific triples hitter. Man, that guy took three bases about as often as most guys took showers. When such a large percentage of your hits got you 90 feet away from home, you're going to score a lot. A card like this makes you want to turn it over and memorize the stats, the 1980 ones especially, in case you get quizzed on them later. And in doing so you get an eyeful of this...

Whimsical, yes.
At first.
For a couple of seconds.

Then panic sets in. What possessed someone to affix this stamp to the back of the card? It is some sort of sign? A threat? Or maybe some kid thought up a unique way to identify cards as his own. Is my life in danger? As far as I know, Fleer did not release a 1981 German Shepherd parallel? This is the image that keeps flashing through my head:

All I need to do is stay out of the Czech Republic and I'll be fine. And if I happen to see Takashi Miike, I'll be sure to cross the street and run in the opposite direction. Fast.


Anonymous said...

Willie was so fast from all the coke.

--David said...

In a story called "Double Character," there is a William (Willie) Wilson who refers to another Bill as "the Red fox..." Maybe therein lies the connection. Or I got lucky and made one..