Monday, April 20, 2009

Fronts and Backs: Two Interesting Cards

Below are two cards I've acquired recently. They may look very different, but a stark similarity exists between the two of them. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

First we have what looks to be your standard 1994 Pacific Prisms Robin Yount card, numbered 1 in the insert set. I'm really happy with the way this scanned. Way to go 1994 technology!

Then there's this little beauty, my first Allen & Ginter's original card, an 1887 N3 Arms of All Nations card. The Mace might not be the most efficient of weaponry, but if you were to find yourself in close quarters combats, and your calendar says it's the Middle Ages, have at it, brother. No quicker way to close the distance between the jaw bone and the cerebral cortex for your money. Great corners on this card, just magnificent. I have 2007 Topps base cards that look more worn than this puppy. All looks to be well in both cases. Let's flip 'em.

Ooooooooh, that's not Robin Yount. It's a "Rob," juts not the Hall of Fame version. I'm not too sure how commonly these errors occurred in this Pacific set, nor how prevalent the Yount/Thompson error was. It'd be nice if this were the only copy, but I'm not too optimistic.

Yikes, a vampire got a hold of the back of this thing and left the evidence of two puncture wounds behind. Or perhaps it bore the brunt of the business end of one of the Arms listed on the back. I have a sneaking suspicion it was the Midshipmans Dirk. (If any of you ever have to type the name of that particular weapon in any literary venue, be careful. Kids might be reading.)

For good measure, here is the correct back of the Yount card. Eight cuadrangulares, bitches!


dayf said...

Nice A&G card... the Arms of all nations cards are somewhat harder to find than most. The fact you got Brave Sir Robin is a bonus.

Spud said...

I collect Yount cards and ... have never seen that one. Nor have I ever seen a card that damn ugly! That one goes on the wall!!! It is beautiful in its ability to make me ill with just a glance.

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