Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Group Break: AL East

We move on to the AL East, where, surprisingly, the Yankees were not picked. Let's see who got what.

Team: Red Sox
Buyer: AdamE
Cards: 2008 Donruss Playoff Rookie Ticket #43 Stolmy Pimentel, 2005 ESPN #MC-5 Manny Ramirez Magazine Cover

Thoughts: If that kid makes it to the majors, he simply must be granted some sort of exemption allowing him to put his first and last name on the back of his jersey. I'm also showing some forward thinking by copyrighting the phrase now, before The Man gets ahold of it: "Hey, you stole my pimentel!"©
There were tons of those rookie cards in the big lot, probably the whole set. Now they have been scattered about, as in the parable of the sower.

Team: Orioles
Buyer: Kevin
Cards: 2007 Upper Deck First Edition #52 Brandon Fahey, 1996 Upper Deck Jumbo #280 Cal Ripken, Jr., 2003 Upper Deck Game Face #16 Rodrigo Lopez

Thoughts: First of all, the Fahey card cracks me up. If you're an outfielder and you're pointing, there's no way on heaven and earth you're making the catch. You might as well be calling out, "Don't got it! Not mine!"
And my goodness, isn't that Ripken Jumbo beautiful? I had to put a regular card next to it for purposes of scale. Too bad the corners came dinged a little bit.

Last thought: Since it's an Oriole making a game face, would that make it his "O Face?"


Rod said...

I got my package of Padres today. There is some stuff I will be sending out to get signed and some that will help out my opening day collection.

dayf said...

Stolmy Pimentel?

It would be a tragedy if that man didn't play at least one game in the bigs simply for posterity.

Mad Guru said...

My local deli has an amazing Stolmy Pimentel loaf. Scrumptious.

Also, a question concerning that Pimentel card. Is that his rookie card? It's very hard to tell from the scan.