Monday, April 6, 2009

Well Done, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel!

The Sunday morning tradition of reading the paper brought forth a pleasant surprise yesterday, when I found this among the ads.

One thing the dead tree paper can do that online editions cannot is give their readers freebies like this lovely schedule. When you open it up on the first fold, all you get is a list of the all-fan giveaways and other special promotions. When extended to its full quad-fold glory, however, you get this...

Sweet. If I am thinking correctly, this year's Ryan Braun bobblehead (to be given away at a game I already have tickets for) will be striking that exact pose. I haven't yet decided where this useful and informative schedule will be placed, but I'm sure that no amount of lobbying will get it in the bedroom.

With tomorrow's Brewers (road) opener approaching, I'm excited. I'll let you know when excitement gives way to giddiness. All I know is that an after-school meeting that was supposed to be held last Tuesday was rescheduled for tomorrow. This scheduling conflict will cause me to miss the first pitch. And what was the reason for the rescheduling? Turns out you can't make a staff attend more than two meetings in a given month, and last Tuesday was March 31. Mark it on the scoreboard:

Rules-Are-Rules Crowd: 1
Common Sense: 0

I'm not going to make any predictions as many others have done. All I'm going to say is that with the pressure off my team this year, I'm predicting that baseball will be much more fun. (And I want Sports Illustrated to promise to print another "It's Gonna Happen" cover sometime late this summer. That would help me sleep better at night.)

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