Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 Goudey Blaster

We'll keep this straightforward after my last nightmare of a post. I got this blaster of 2009 Goudey a couple of weekends ago, and now I'm ready to share.

Box: $19.99. I'm tilting it to show you the Clifton Earl Heathcote buyback card advertised on the side. The other panel has a Larry Bird Sports Royalty card.

Wrapper: Green. I like it.

Base Cards: 54. Here are my five favorites, based mostly on visual depiction.

105 Alcides Escobar - Only Brewer base card in the box.

139 Jason Giambi - Cop 'stache!

53 Johnny Cueto - Happy, but needs to take lessons from teammate Edinson Volquez about proper cap placement. Soon to graduate from his apprenticeship.

90 Mark Teixeira - Pushing the limits of acceptable MLB attire. Late, late, for a very important date, trying to save time by not showering.

102 Brad Penny - Blind, but not vain enough to shield his unfocused eyes with sunglasses while on the mound. Slated to step in as next governor of New York should another sex scandal take place.

Minis: 19 Jed Lowrie,115 Denard Span

UD 20th Anniversary: 802 Jacksonville Jaguars Hire Tom Coughlin. High point in the franchise's history?

4-in-1s: Three red ones, this one here showing that Trevor Hoffman's got a little bit of what Jon Gruden's got, and that Mariano Rivera has no spaces between his teeth at all. Would someone, somewhere explain the numbering system these use. I have heard cries for help on other blogs, but I haven't looked hard enough to find a straight answer.

I also got a blue one, which I presume is harder to get.
Sabathia looks like he just got found by someone wearing a red vest in K-Mart and is very scared and just wants to be reunited with his mommy.

Heads Up: 272 Jose Reyes, 298 Carlos Zambrano

And the ultimate short print in the box...#243 Tiger Woods. When I first pulled this, it was going for around $20 on eBay, but has since pulled back to about half of that. I'm keeping mine, I think, unless someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

One last footnote: The backs of the Sports Royalty cards command you, in CAPS LOCK, to "START YOUR COLLECTION NOW." Follow.


dayf said...

The 4-in1s are an insert set so they are numbered 35-XX for 1935 Goudey. I just posted the checklist so you can search for all the CCs.

Motherscratcher said...

Do you think there was anyone at Upper Deck who saw the Jaguars/Coughlin card and said "wait a minute. What the hell are we doing?" I guess by then it would have been too late.

deal said...

No respect for Tom Coughlin. He gets his name on a card and they put on a picture of a building that will have a different name a year from now.