Thursday, May 7, 2009

"You Call Him Doctor Jones, Doll!"

This was the nice little item some dude handed to me as I crossed the threshold of Miller Park last Sunday. If you weren't aware, this Ryan Braun bobblehead recreates the home run he hit against the Cubs during the last game of the regular season in 2008. There aren't too many like this that celebrate a specific moment in a player's career. The best one that comes to mind is the one of that minor leaguer who ran through the outfield wall a handful of years ago.

According to press releases, there were 1,000 alternate versions of the statuette that had a slightly larger base that included a button that, when pressed, plays the Bob Uecker radio call of Braun's homer. I wasn't lucky enough to get one, but I saw some fans in my section taking turns holding it up to their ears. On eBay, those things are hovering just under the $200 level. Must be nice.

Here's the back view. Braun looks to be in full-on "Yo Joe!" mode. I think he would have been great alongside some of the other Joes on the cartoon series, especially Roadblock. He would have made a marked improvement over Quick Kick.

By the way, how do my do-it-yourself three-ring binder covers look?


PunkRockPaint said...

I kike the binders... FYI- The cover of the A&G boxes look great in the front of those binders. You can trim the long edge panel to slip in the side too. Looks really nice. The complete set looks really nice in there.

39 pages for the regular size set (including Fuk-u), and 6 pages for the states (leaving a little room for Brewers framed G-U and auto cards.

Try the 2" size. (FYI- Don't use that line on the ladies...)

PunkRockPaint said...

Please change the 2nd word to "like".

We here at PunkRockPaint apologize for any unintended ethnic slurs that our lack of proofreading may have caused.

If you were offended by our typo, please accept our apologies and send an email to our complaint department -

Joe S. said...

They were handing out 2008 bobble heads at 2009 Spring Training at the Brewers facility... I got a Polish Sausage, JJ Hardy, Corey Hart, and Braun. Not the HR trot Braun, though, he's just in his batting stance.

Love your site, by the way!