Monday, June 22, 2009

CC: No Stupid Subtitle Here, Thank God

Editor's Note: Thorzul is still on vacation in northern Minnesota. His specific location will remain undisclosed for security reasons, but he could quite possibly be in the vicinity of a rare geographic phenomenon. At this very moment, Thorzul might be staying at a lake that has an island in it, which has a smaller lake inside of it, the only one of its kind in the northern hemisphere. Thorzul is contemplating swimming to the center of this smaller lake, building another island out of some sort of earthen material, and then pouring yet another lake inside of his man-made island. He will then take a picture of the three lakes and the two islands, then take a picture of that picture, then take a picture of the picture of that picture. He will then build two mirrors that are parallel to each other and facing one another, hold the final picture up, and quite possible cause time to run backwards. Have a nice day.

2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic Authentic Achievements #AA-46

Yeah, yeah... another CC card where he's just barely a Brewer. This came in a lot of cards I purchased a few months ago, but didn't sort through properly. Basically, the seller claimed that he received about ten hobby boxes of baseball cards from his wife, but she didn't know he wasn't into baseball cards, just other sports. From what I could gather, he sold them to me for about ten bucks after he took out all of the jersey cards and autographs. He didn't take anything else out, leaving in all of the inserts and parallels, including some Allen & Ginter Bazooka minis and no-number minis. I have nothing else to say, so I'll transcribe the back of this card so you can marvel in his achievement as an Indian.

Coming off an American League Cy Young Award season in 2007, Sabathia, who is a new member of the Brewers, took a bit to get settled in '08, but when he did he was practically unhittable. Against the Athletics on 5/14, he made two runs stand up as he had 11 Ks in a complete-game shutout, the sixth of his career.

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--David said...

There is one flaw in your time-running-backwards scenario: one of the mirrors needs to be turned around backwards, angled at 33.667 degrees to the other mirror.

Oh, and make sure the inner most island is no more than 2.457 feet in diameter. And plant a tree on it. You know, like one of those 'its christmas charlie brown' trees.

Oh, and you have to be standing on your head while gargling peanut butter.

Time reversal is not what it used to be....