Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pack Picked! (No Pickled Peppers, However)

So, should we open a shrunken pack?

Regular size?

How about JUMBO? Yeah, I thought so.

Alright, as promised, I let YOU pick the pack that would be opened in its entirety yesterday. I intended to post the spillage last night, but sometimes Friday night turns into FUH-RIIIIII-DAAAAAY NIIIIII-YAHT. Actually, it wasn't one of those nights, I just didn't feel like scanning anything. Here what came out of the Jackie Robinson envelope, the readers' choice in a runaway. I'll show you some of the inserts and a few of the more interesting cards.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
445 Joe Nathan
507 Melky Cabrera
546 Matt Cain
337 Bobby Jenks
453 Javier Valentin
520 Adrian Gonzalez
563 Francisco Cordero
607 Jarrod Washburn
410 Lou Pinella
517 Kevin Frandsen
464 Bobby Crosby
426 Pablo Sandoval
386 Jonathan Papelbon
340 Joe Mauer
354 Mike Aviles
405 Todd Helton
343 Ian Snell
380 Aramis Ramirez
428 Jamie Moyer
547 Jack Cust
602 Carlos Gomez
620 Ryan Zimmerman
BCS11 Adrian Gonzalez WBC

426 Pablo Sandoval Gold (1413/2009)
RH63 Miguel Cabrera Ring of Honor
LG-AP Albert Pujols Legends of the Game

TR78 Matt Cain Turkey Red

TTT26 Joe Mauer Toppstown Gold
365 Mark Buehrle
356 Ervin Santana
382 Wily Mo Pena
424 Jorge Campillo
498 Kyle Davies
556 Brendan Ryan
657 Aaron Heilman
414 Cha Seung Baek (Pretty cool shot. Kinda looks like The Shadow. "Who knows... what evil... LURKS... in the hearts of hitters?")

466 Wilson Betemit (Nice play at second during a spring game against the Dodgers. A batting helmet thrust into the air from atop a cap is always a good thing.)

434 Detroit Power Authority
576 Don Wakamatsu (Probably my favorite card of 2009 so far. He hadn't even managed his first game, the sun's going down, and Don's calling for the righty. Poetic. If this doesn't show up somewhere on the Gummies nomination list at the end of the year, perhaps for best single base card of 2009, then this is a world that knows no justice.)

548 John Danks
545 Matt Garza
601 Broad Street Bombers
632 Brett Myers
650 Cole Hamels
377 Trevor Crowe
452 Orlando Cabrera
451 Ryan Perry
653 Nick Evans
333 Chief Lefties
396 Alex Cora

I liked the Classic Combos I got in this pack. There's another one I got in a previous pack that is so bad it deserves its own post (which will be coming soon).

Not a bad pack, but not great either. Later that night I decided to rip another pack, the one with Ryan Howard on the front. I'll dispense with the soup and salad that are the base cards and get right down to the meat that sits fresh in the middle of each pack.

Red Hot Rookie Redemption #9

Jason Bartlett Gold

Ian Kinsler Toppstown

Legends of the Game Greg Maddux in a Flat-Out Awesome Uniform

Ryan Braun Turkey Red

Oh, and then there's this, the only card I was really really hoping to get, the alternate SP version of card #595, Robin Yount. YES! I saw this in the opening days of this product when it was hot and heavy on eBay for the going rate of twenty bucks. It has since pulled back to go for $12-15 on average. Now I don't have to fork over this cash. This makes me happy.

I still have three jumbo packs left, two of which should contain hits. Will you have to wait until next January's Top Pulls of 2009 to find out what they are? Time will tell.

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Collective Troll said...

I love the look of the 2009 Topps, but I really hate the way they scan... You can't read the names...By the by, I don't even like Maddux, but that card (with the throwback uni) looks sweeeet!!!!