Friday, June 5, 2009

Pick Your Pack

Yesterday I got a Topps Series 2 HTA box in the mail (part of the reason for no post yesterday), and I opened exactly half of the 50-card packs. I'm looking to see which pack you would like to see opened here. You can choose from what's left.

There are, in no particular order, the following coverboys...
Ryan Howard
David Wright
Mickey Mantle
Jackie Robinson
And another Mickey Mantle

Vote for the pack you want me to share tonight. So far I've only puled a Rafael Furcal bat relic, so there's still an auto and a relic left in this box. Basically, we've got a 40% chance of a hit.

I promise that, in a break from form, the next post will be in color. Full color. (Sorry, no HBO yet.)

Go vote in the sidebar.


Captain Canuck said...


Greg said...

for some reason it isn't working, but i voted for the bottom of the box mantle.

dayf said...

I just saw a vote for the bottom Mantle. My choice seems to be a popular one. Interesting, the psychology of wrappers...