Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spot the Brauns -- Winners Revealed

Thanks for the patience, everyone. At last I have found the time to reveal the results of the "Spot the Brauns" contest I announced on Friday. I was overwhelmed by the number of responses and I was pleased by the variety of guesses for the side contest.

Here's the official photo:

The picture was taken at some point during the third inning. I wasn't sure what would have been the best time to snap the photo, because I was trying to find the time when the seats would be filled to maximum capacity. That turned out to be quite the tightrope act, as I had to balance the late arrivals with what turned out to be a sudden change in the weather. For some odd reason, the Brewers decided to keep the roof open as the temperatures started to fall rapidly. Smart fans were quick to bundle up, and I think a lot of jerseys were lost due to this occurrence.

By my count, the correct guess was nine Ryan Braun jerseys. Here they are.
1. '80s Throwback

2. Girls' Night Out to Talk Loudly

3. Blondie

4. Food Smuggler

5. and 6. Date Night

7. Uncomfortable, Lost in Thought

8. Mom's First Game

9. There For the Licorice Rope

Congratulations Motherscratcher and Fuji! Looking back, I guess I never stipulated that people couldn't make the same guess. You will both receive something related to this game. (And Fuji, you need to contact me with a mailing address. Motherscratcher, I've got yours already.)

Regrettably, none of the great guesses for the side contest made an appearance. Someone guessed Ben Sheets, even though I had made it clear that this was too easy and therefore out of bounds. I believe there was a Swisher for the first inning or two, but a jacket was thrown over it before I could capture the digital evidence. And my God, why... why didn't anyone guess Dad? Don't you all remember Jedidiah Dad, the Dominican phenom that threw fastballs in the 106-108 range but then lost his right foot in a freakish hunting accident (bear trap) and returned to his native land never to be heard from again? That 1998 season was one to remember, if only for a few short months. The guy in the Dad jersey is the closest we came to PunkRockPaint's shaved back guess. Next time.

And Chris Harris, have ye no faith?


Motherscratcher said...

YES!!!!YES!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!

I Freakin' knew it. Just last week my wife was telling me that I wouldn't even know how many Brewers fans would be wearing a Ryan Braun jersey if you took a picture from the upper deck at a Brewers game. Well, HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW BITCH!!!???

I can't wait until she sees this. She's going to feel so stupid.

Thanks a lot Thorzul. Cool contest.

Mad Guru said...

I had 9 also. You just read my response upside down.

dayf said...

If that bastard who smuggled in the grub had just gone to the concession stand for a hot dog I would have won, dammit.

Jason Christopherson said...

Someone guessed Ben Sheets, even though I had made it clear that this was too easy and therefore out of bounds

Yeah, that would be me. I saw the other two names but didn't read the third. I think it's called "contest entry fail".

deal said...

Hey that dude on the left near the front, he has a Gorman Thomas Jersey on - he just ate the zero.

William said...

No Ricky Bones? You must've been above the expensive seats -- I'll bet there were a dozen in the standing-room-only crowd.

Fuji said...

Thanks for the cool contest! It's the first time I've won one of these blog contests :)

--David said...

Man, I got robbed! Without jackets, there were easily 25 Braun's... Stupid weather.

--David said...
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