Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 All Star Meh

Yesterday kind of burned me out when it comes to live blogging a sports event. Post any insightful or humorous comments you may have in the comments. You can also make a pick for the MVP of tonight's game. Each player can only be chosen once. The winner will get something. How's that?
(Preface your comment with "MVP" so I know for sure that's who you're voting for.)

I'll keep the voting open through the fourth inning.

1. How 'bout that -- Barack Obama talks better baseball that Tim McCarver.


dayf said...

Eh, why not. Brian McCann MVP. 9th inning pinch hit walk off homer.

I almost choked laughing at this exchange with da prez:

Asshat: "How about a bailout for the National League?"

Obama: "We're outta money."

Thorzul said...

I guess the voting is closed. McCann or bust!