Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Blanket of Thanks

I'd like to take a moment to thank anyone who has sent me or traded me any cards in the past month or so. Some of the people I am able to thank by name, but I may have forgotten who some of these cards are from. That's what happens when you stop your mail for a week and end up with a pile of manilla scraps at your feet.

From The Collective Troll I received a healthy portion of 1978 Topps and 1982 Topps. I initially figured that this Bill Bonham (a guy with a name remarkably similar to mine) was decorated "on-sleeve", as it were. After removing the plastic, I was delighted to find that the ornamentation was right on the card. It wasn't one I needed, thank goodness, but it will now be hard not to switch this one out for an unmarked copy. I think it would enhance the set.

Nice gum, too!

From Saints of the Cheap Seats, I received a bunch of 1978 Topps, including an Eddie Murray. I'm no stickler for condition when it comes to older cards, so I was bowled over by that one. The initial part of the trade included a full set of 1990 Helena Brewers cards, and this J.J. Hardy refractor was also thrown in.

From longtime reader and trader Eric Slette, I got this gold parallel card of the 2007 Brewers and this agent autograph card.

Which one, you ask? I'm no longer sure, since earlier someone sent me the very same card. I believe they sent it with this Robin Yount Legends of the Game, which was a welcome addition to my collection.

If you sent me the Pardo and the Yount, let me know so I can give you credit. And Eric, let me know what your website is so I can appropriately link to it. And if anyone else sent me anything and feels slighted, let me know that, too. Yes, a kinder, gentler Thorzul may have emerged on this first day of July, but who knows how long it will last.


Slette said...

The Pettitte Pursuit -

I almost felt bad sending you the agent auto, but I figured you would get slightly more joy out of it than my recycling bin. I knew you had to have the Brew card though.

night owl said...

Pardo's a scout, not an agent. And he responded rather vigorously to one of my posts bemoaning that I pulled a "scout auto card."

Collective Troll said...

typically i am not known for my artistic talents, but i think that i nailed that one! hope the cards were okay...

gcrl said...

i know i sent the yount with a bunch of other brew crew cards. i pulled that pardo, but don't remember if i pulled it before or after i sent stuff out to you. either way, enjoy.