Monday, August 17, 2009

Who Wore It Better? -- Mike Cameron

My wife subscribes to the magazine Us Weekly, a celebrity trash rag that keeps both of us up-to-date on parents of eight children who share but two dates of birth. This publication provides me with between 90 and 120 seconds of entertainment per week (the maximum amount I can stomach), and I've found that one of its more enlightening features is a spot called "Who Wore It Best?" Despite the fact that the title uses a superlative adverb when a comparative one will suffice (based on the observation that this feature displays photographs of two women, usually, who have recently worn the same outfit somewhere in or around Hollywood, and then have the readership vote on who looks better in said outfit), I have decided to partially borrow the title for a mini-feature that will appear on this blog periodically.

With about six weeks left in the regular season, I finally summoned the brain cells to bring a camera to a Brewer game, last Friday's against the Astros. Like past seasons, the Brewers scoreboard crew has partnered with Topps to provide a player photo in a 2009 Topps card mock-up during each player's first at-bat. There's no fancy animated graphics like there were last year, but the pics are still worthy of showing, mostly because different photographs are used than the standard 2009 Topps release. It's your job now to let the world know which looks better in the comments.

In today's case, "best" is actually the appropriate word choice, since Topps made a pretty obvious goof-up that I hadn't noticed until now. Mike Cameron actually got two different 2009 Topps cards, one in each series. While I vaguely remember a recent precedent for this, I can't recall who it has been. Happily, Topps used two different photos for the cards, so we get to choose from the three below:
2009 Topps Version A #162

2009 Topps Version B #346

2009 Topps Scoreboard

So... Who Wore It Better?


night owl said...

Wow, I thought I was seeing Cameron a little too much in the 2009 set.

I like the Series 2 one better.

(By the way, Scott Hatteberg was the guy featured twice in the 2006 Topps set. And some no-name pitcher from the Reds was featured twice in 2007 -- same pose, just cropped differently).

Matt said...

If you inspect the series two card you will see that the "Aquired" thing on the back says that he was traded FROM the Brewers in december 08. Obviously Topps anticipated him becoming a Yankee and six months was not enough time to correct this mistake, even thought they were able to guess what day he would be traded. Weird.