Sunday, September 20, 2009

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Group Break

On Friday afternoon the boxes arrived, but a busy weekend prevented me from opening them until this morning. The videos are up, and I would urge you to watch them all the way through. I wanted to sneak in a few cheesy surprises on this, my first time using iMovie.
And if you notice anything on my fingers during the videos, rest assured, my hands were clean. Prior to one I had been doing some house painting, and some would not come off right away. In the other, I noticed some black junk on my fingers. Apparently the tripod I was using has begun to decay on the molecular level, and touching it leaves specks of black shit on your hands. Not shit shit, mind you, just some sort of... material. No cards were harmed.
Also note that the first video is of much higher quality than the second. The first is uncompressed, but after it took like three hours to upload to YouTube, I decided to find a quicker way for the second one.

Let's tear in.

Looks like the smart choice on these two boxes was Every Other Team. Sorry to those who had the Cardinals, Red Sox, and to a lesser extent, the Dodgers, who missed out on any significant pulls. Next time, right?
One note on the condition of the cards. The Sutter auto in particular came out with some fuzzy corners, and the Powell is in slightly better shape, but not perfect. Everything else emerged in beautiful shape.



The Boog is the one I covet the most for my collection. I hope David enjoys it.

Copper Parallel Semi-Hits:

Pretty nice boxes, all in all. A fun product with a few unexpected personalities that don't pop up in a lot of products.

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--David said...

Wow, that Averill is SMOKIN! I made the right choice on many levels!