Monday, September 7, 2009

6 in 30 That Make Me Happy

I had to go to my mishmash binder for this particular task. There aren't any Brewers in it, so you are all spared from that spectacle. This binder provides affordable housing for single-parent cards, returning G.I.s, random game-used jerseys, and a motley assortment of oddball wackjobs. I may have gone over the allotted half-minute by a few seconds or so, but these are my six that make me happy. My tenement house of cards...

2001 Topps American Pie #51 Keith Hernandez
My complete American Pie set pays rent in this binder, and if they get their security deposit back, Keith isn't getting any of it. It's a great card of a player on a team he is not best known for, and his hair is Breck-tastic and alluring. The way Keith figures it, he's already been to first base and he plans on rounding second tonight at around eleven o'clock.

1985 Topps #536 Kirby Puckett
This card makes me happy because my dad got it for me for Christmas. I may never own his 1984 Fleer Update rookie, so this is probably the earliest Kirby I will ever possess. I have another one that sits in my finished 1985 set, but this one is the one the other cards go to if a three-hole needs to be patched or if there's cover warpage. He's the super of the binder.

2001 Topps Archives #543 Kent Tekulve
Yes, I harbor an unhealthy man-crush towards Kent, a guy who looks so out of place on a big league field that he has no real counterpart in all of contemporary baseball. Big ups to Topps for giving unheralded players like Tekulve their due in the form of a post-retirement card. Kent is the guy whose binder slot smells an awful lot like potatoes.

1988 Fleer #616 Sammy Stewart
This card makes me happy because it's one of the best cards of all-time. Sammy bears a striking resemblance to the character Rahad Jackson in Boogie Nights (played by Alfred Molina). Sammy convinces other cards in the binder to light firecrackers for no apparent reason, getting the cops called on the place. Come on, you puppies!

2005 Topps Retired Signature Gold Parallel #35 Mark Fidrych (328/500)
I never gave the guy his proper respect after passing away this spring. Coming across this card makes me wish there were more like him. Mark yells all night, keeping the other cards awake at times.

2004 Upper Deck Vintage Stellar Star Men #SSM-23 Alex Rodriguez Game-Used Jersey
This card is the poison pill that makes tricks me into thinking retail pulls like this can happen more than once. This is why I veer off towards the end of any Target trip. I have recently begun to show greater self-control when it comes to retail. Corner penthouse resident.

Great idea, Dinged Corners!


SpastikMooss said...

wow...that Sammy Stewart is the best card I've ever seen. EVER.
Even though my girlfriend thinks he looks like a rapist.

dinged corners said...

And "Stellar Stat Men" may be the best insert title ever. As for the Keith, we've never seen that card before, and there are simply no words beyond Breck-tastic.