Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CC: Macro-Corpus, Micro-Genre

Last Friday, The Onion's A.V. Club (what has recently become my favorite internet time-waster) had its writers respond to the question, "Do you guys have any incredibly specific micro-genres that you feel you might be the only fan in the world of?" My collection appears to have gotten very, very specific in one area, though not by choice. Quite a while ago, I asked readers if they knew where all the stickers went. Today, I ask you if you know where all of the CC Sabathia-as-a-Brewer magenta printing plates went.

Answer: I've got 'em.

My latest acquisition has been isolated below.
2008 Topps Stadium Club Magenta Printing Plate #10 (1/1)

I usually scour the auctions in search of an elusive Sabathia Brewers card, and there aren't many left to be found. For some reason, every single printing plate I've found has been magenta. I didn't mean to collect this specifically and to the exclusion of all other colors, but that's what has happeed. I can't for the life of me say hello to yellow. I'm cryin' because I can't find cyan. And I haven't gone black, so I have no choice but to go back.

When handling these printing plates, am I crazy for being a bit wary of their edges? While opening canned food, I always make a note to be careful of the opened can's edges. I really don't need a trip to urgent care because I've sliced off a pinkie or taken a chunk out of the meaty part of my hand. Should I feel anxiety about this? Would printing plate cards be allowed in a prison? Could a card collecting inmate possibly file a Todd Helton or a Yadier Molina plate to a sharp point as an under-the-mattress shiv? Do prisoners get to bust wax? Will the questions ever stop?

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