Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pick a Number

I need someone to pick a number between 1 and 50 and post it in the comments section. I'm going to record the Trade and Win randomization video tonight, and I need someone to pick the slot that will end up getting the Yount card.

Since enough cards were "traded" to me, there will also be second and third prizes. Whoever gets the first prize will have all of his entries removed before the second and third place drawings, of course. For these two drawings, I'm going to use slots two and three, respectively, as the winning slots. Each of the drawings will happen in this fashion: I will hit the randomize button once, followed by the "Again" button twice. This third randomized list will be counted as official.

The final standings:
8 points -- Nathaniel Edwards
8 points -- madding
135 points -- Wrigley Wax
85 points -- It's Just Old Cardboard
20 points -- thesewingmachineguy

If anyone takes issue with the number of points (slots) they were given, you have a couple of hours to let me know.
(Note: The first two contestants had their points adjusted from 7 to 8 because I had erroneously awarded them one bonus point instead of two for blog linkage.)

Sooooooo... someone pick a number!


Matt said...


In honor of my birthday, April 5th


Anonymous said...

lol 13

Anonymous said...

Matt picked a good number, I'm really happy for him, but wickedortega picked one of the best numbers of all time.