Friday, October 30, 2009

Coats for Cards

With two games now having been played in the World Series, and with the prospect of having only five (maybe fewer) games remaining in the whole season, I need to post this collecting occurrence that took place during the last game I attended at Miller Park this year. On Friday, September 25, my Brewers played host to the Philadelphia Phillies. At this point in the season, you begin to reflect upon the fairly large span of time that a baseball season covers. Gloved hands holding cold brews on Opening Day...
...eventually give way to shorts, flippy-floppies, and parking lot sunscreen. More time passes, your team fades from relevance, and before you know it, you're cheering on a spoiler while making sure your hooded sweatshirt is packed in your tailgating bin. Fall has arrived, with winter yet to come. Preparations need to be made, boxes need to come down from the attic. It's time to bundle up.

Then you realize, there are those less fortunate in this world.

During the first few innings of this game, Brewers Charities sponsored a coat collecting promotion. The premise was simple: You hand over a used-but-still-nice winter coat, and in return you receive a Ryan Braun collector's pin.

Here's the coat I donated.

By my recollection, I have owned this coat since the winter of 1997-98. My parents visited me one weekend during my first year of college, took me out to dinner, then took me to get a winter coat. For the next twelve winters, my upper half stayed warmer than you would ever believe, and all the while I felt like I could have been playing an extra in Beautiful Girls. Yeah, I would have fit right in with this group of chuckleheads.

My darling wife had been leaving hints over the past year or so that it was time for an upgrade in the coat department. I wish I had set something next to the coat for purposes of scale, because it's hard to tell from the picture that in a pinch, the coat could have been used as a sleeping bag. So I suppose this was a promotion I couldn't pass up. Here's the Braun pin. It lacks the baseball stitching motif that a Prince Fielder pin from a few years ago had, but it's still nice.

Big thanks have to go out to my mom, who was the one who alerted me to the coat drive. Before I went to the game, she made sure she would get her own Braun pin by bringing over a coat of my dad's she was donating on his behalf. The hooded Wisconsin Badgers pullover is a monstrosity I wouldn't be caught dead in (for stylistic reasons, not fanatical ones), and I don't think my dad had a hard time parting with it either.

I hope there's a homeless Badger fan out there sleeping a little bit warmer tonight.

Oh, and more Nightmares on Cardboard results tomorrow!


beardy said...

Sweet Badger jacket dude! I had a Redskins Starter jacket in 1992. It was the 7th grade, and at the time made me look like the coolest dude in the world, especially when paired with the matching Zubaz pants.

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