Saturday, October 3, 2009


At last, I've completed the portion of the 2007 Topps set that long ago I had set out to collect. While it might seem like a small feat, unworthy of any sort of praise, it does feel good to knock something off of the old want lists. The last two cards I needed were these two from the Mickey Mantle Story subset.

The back of one of these talks about the Mick's only stint as a second baseman on July 24, 1954. The MMS set was not one of my favorites in 2007 Topps, but seeing as I got so many of them in packs, it just made sense to go after the whole thing. And with that, I now have the base set, all 30 Distinguished Service cards, all 44 Mickey Mantle Story cards from series 1 and 2 (and I'm going no further with it, even though Topps did in 2008), and the 25 shiny but generally bland Own the Game cards. The Own the Game cards are useful for their top 10 statistical categories lists and not much else. Collecting inserts is a great way to make a 660-card set (or 661, really, if you count the tacked-on Bonds card) fit snugly into an 800-count box.

Hmmmmm, what was the one insert set I didn't go after?

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Brian said...

Congrats. Completing any set is an accomplishment.