Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ever Mis-label Something?

Why would you give your auction this title? Was this seller trying not to sell this card?

My guess is that the seller is not a card collector, found a bunch of stuff at an estate sale or something like that, picked the first name s/he saw, and put it up for sale. Which reminds me, I have to hurry up and list my Jeff Schneider rookie card so I can assure myself of a top-dollar sale.

Stupid seller... everybody knows that's a Bo Diaz rookie card.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Yeah man, Bo Diaz rules! Who wouldn't know that he's the driving force behind the value here. I remember that that Murphy clown didn't even make it to the Bigs as a catcher! Loser.

Anthony K. said...

Wow, I feel bad for that guy.

Sometimes it pays to do a little research before selling things on eBay, huh?

bul2 said...

That looks like the Guinness beer add: !Brilliant!!!

dayf said...

You have to admit that of the four, Dale Murphy turned out to be absolutely the worst catcher of the bunch.

Fuji said...

The guy is just being honest... Murphy's rookie card is in the 77 Topps set. He probably should have mentioned Murphy... but technically, Parish is the best rookie on the card.